Build Retention with Clients through Showing Appreciation

Build Retention with Clients through Showing Appreciation


We all like to feel appreciated.

Showing clients that their business is appreciated is strongly linked to return business, while a well-thought-out token of appreciation will positively impact their opinion of you as a business partner.

Giving tangible reminders, such as unique and useful gifts, will increase that likelihood even more by keeping your brand in the minds of your preferred customers, which is exactly where you want it to be. To make sure that appreciation gifts will have maximum impact, do some research into your clients to ensure that you’re giving the right for the occasion. Here are some of the best ways to retain loyal clients:

Discover Your Clients’ Interests

The best gifts are the ones they want to use. Are they involved in sports? Do they consider themself a wine aficionado? Do they enjoy bird watching?

Identify something unique about their personality or personal style. Reference their website, social media, LinkedIn, past interactions with them, or even stop by their office to make a note of the items and decor they purchase for themselves.

Being able to choose unique gifts is a skill that will be useful in forging lasting business relationships. People are appreciative when they feel understood, and the perfect gift says, “I understand you completely.”

A personalized gift is more likely to remain out in the open in their home or office, where they will use it, rather than thrown into a storage room to gather dust with other forgotten items.

Give a Gift as a Sign of Gratitude

It is better to give a gift set as a thank you for business rather than offering one right before negotiating. Giving a gift is a great way to celebrate a new agreement, conclude a business deal, or remind them you’d like to work together in the future. A gift right before a deal is struck may not show authenticity. Timing really is everything! f your calendar is jam-packed and you’re likely to forget about gift giving after wrapping up a business transaction with a client, set a calendar reminder to send something a set number of days after.

Make Sure Your Gifts Will be Visible

When thinking about personalized gift ideas, go with one that includes items that will be utilized every day or will be more likely to be displayed out in the open.

Consider how you want the items to be used. In the home? In the office? Ask yourself:

  • Where would your gifts have the most impact?
  • Where does the person receiving the gift set spend most of their time?
  • If you are sending branded gifts, do you want that brand to be visible to their clients as well?

Examples of gifts for visibility:

Personalize it

We all get bombarded by mass emails, mass mailings, and even mass gifting on occasion. It’s easy to see how gifts lose value if everyone is giving the same type of items. While I always appreciate the thought behind any gift received, I know I’m less likely to use something that isn’t unique to my personality. 

Add an extra touch to retain loyal clients. Include a personal note with a gift box or choose engraved gifts with the client’s name or initials. That little bit of extra effort goes a long way toward client retention and engagement, and ensures that the person receiving the gift knows they are more than just another name on a list.


Gifts are an excellent way to show appreciation and deepen relationships with clients, and they lead to long-term and repeat business. If you want them to really make an impact, make sure to:

  • Learn the interests of your clients.
  • Time it perfectly.
  • Choose appreciation gifts for visibility in the home or office.
  • Include a personal, handwritten note.   

Most importantly, let your clients know they are appreciated with every action and interaction.

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