The Secret to Employee Motivation

The Secret to Employee Motivation

Did you know that expressing your gratitude for employees can have a positive overall impact on productivity, employee retention, and company culture? It’s because employees tend to put their best into the work when they feel appreciated. However, having everyone motivated to live the brand – and keeping them motivated – doesn’t happen on its own. Recognizing your employees’ hard work with special gifts can help with that motivation. You’ll want personalized, company-branded gifts to express your appreciation and remind them of their connection to the business. Employees are an investment of time, energy, and money. Showing your most valuable assets that they matter will increase their productivity and loyalty to the brand. While this strategy might seem manipulative, worry not. Motivating employees is crucial for the survival of a business, but it’s also the right thing to do.

Let’s look at some ways to make it happen:

A Welcome to the Team!

Did you know that 79  percent of employees quit their jobs as a result of lack of appreciation? Gestures of appreciation can help create a bond between employees and their employer, especially if they make a new employee feel like a welcome part of the team. Nothing makes people feel excited about the brand like company-branded gifts that can be used daily. This is where welcome kits for new employee onboarding comes in. A gift bundle with a roll-top backpack, earbuds, power bankand more is an example of something that will bring an employee daily enjoyment, while cementing a portion of their identity in the company. Set the tone of appreciation from the start with your newest team members and thank them for joining the team. They’ll remember the gesture.

Project-Based Recognition

We all like to be recognized for the hard work, late hours, and extra effort we put in on the job. Employee recognition, including project-based recognition, can boost employees’ self-esteem and pride in their work. Give “bonus” gifts after major milestones or project completions.


Gratitude can have a similar effect. Expressing gratitude can improve positivity, productivity, and retention among workers. Employee turnover is one of the fastest ways to waste money. It starts with you, the employer. If you show gratitude for a job done well, employees will be more likely to show gratitude as well. And gratitude is always free! Something we have found to be extremely valuable in our working and personal relationships is the use of handwritten notes. With or without a gift, writing a personal note is a great way to let an employee know they’re more than just a number.


Marking milestones, birthdays, and holidays can also help employees feel like an important part of the workplace family. It encourages company loyalty. You don’t have to give employee appreciation gifts on the scale of companies like Google, who passed out tablets and state-of-the-art Nexus phones in previous years, but holiday gifts for employees that are thoughtful, useful, and of good quality can go a long way toward showing your genuine appreciation. When considering gift ideas for office staff, contractors and partners, don’t forget to consider branding. Many gifts given by companies in the United States will include a logo. Research has found that strong employer branding has an encouraging effect on productivity.It’s basic psychology. Feeling like we’re a part of something makes us want to add to its success. That’s good for employees and the bottom line.

Things to Remember

Recognizing your employees’ efforts and accomplishments benefits everyone. Celebrate successes, make new employees feel part of the team, and acknowledge milestones of those in your company with work anniversary gifts and funny employee awards. Little tokens of appreciation create a company atmosphere based in cooperation and productivity that will last well into the future.

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