The Value of “Just Because” Business Gifts

The Value of “Just Because” Business Gifts

“Just because” gifts are usually the most exciting to receive because they’re unexpected. What’s more fun than finding a surprise package in the mail?

That’s not to imply that “just because” gifts should replace the business gifts given during holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries, but they give you the opportunity to let business partners, clients, and employees know they’re appreciated, regardless of the time of year.

The psychology of surprise

Think back to a time you received an unexpected gift. You opened your mailbox to find a card or package from your mom or best friend, with a card that read something like, “This gift made me think of you! Let’s grab coffee next week to catch up.”

It put a huge smile on your face didn’t it? This is what we’re talking about.

Research has shown that it is unexpected and unique gifts that leave the recipient with the strongest impression.

Why? Surprises trigger a release of dopamine in the brain, leaving the recipient feeling good about the gift – and the gift giver. This is why we tend to enjoy things more when they exceed our expectations.

There really is a science to gift giving.

Give strategically

You can take advantage of the psychology of surprise to maintain and improve business relationships. Strategic gift giving can earn you recognition, gratitude, and cement relationships with clients and employees. 

Consider giving unique thank you gifts after referrals, to celebrate new contracts, or employee anniversaries and birthdays. We have found it to be extremely useful. 

Your gift recipient will develop a positive association with doing business with you, motivating them to want to do more, which is exactly what you want. Unexpected gifting can also make someone more willing to give you their attention, and be more accepting of new ideas and strategies you wish to implement.

If there is something important that you need everyone’s full attention for, gift-giving ahead of time may pave the way for communication.

It will make getting through to them that much easier.

Overwhelm their senses

You already have the advantage of surprise. The next thing is to tailor the gift to the person you’re giving it to.

Rather than asking what they would like to have, as you don’t want to ruin the element of surprise, make use of what you know about them. Pull ideas from things they’ve said in the past about their known interests and hobbies. If you know she’s a travel buff, send her a vacation bundle for her upcoming trip to Thailand. If he’s ultra organized and always prepared, give him the perfect utility pen and flashlight set to go with his everyday carry items.


Keep records of each person’s interests in a notebook, spreadsheet, or in CRM softwareClients and employees will respond with their own generosity, as well as openness, which are two rapport-forming building blocks you want in your business relationships.

Custom gift boxes are great for both the giver and the receiver. The giver gets the opportunity to curate a box of unique items to match the occasion, while the receiver enjoys a collection of gifts that reflect who they are. It’s the perfect way to cultivate a symbiotic working relationship.

In conclusion

Surprise gifts will leave a client or employee feeling satisfied, appreciated, and open to new ideas, while custom gift boxes will let them know how much you value not only the relationship, but them as an individual. 

This will leave you, the gift giver, in a position to benefit from their renewed motivation and positive perspective of you. That’s a great place to be in business!

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