Artwork Info

Sending your Artwork

Digital Files

While shopping, you will notice an Art Upload field in the cart. We offer this as a convenient option to send your artwork with your order. If you forget to do this or prefer to send the artwork later, you can always email it to us at

Hard Copies

If you are unable or prefer not to send a digital file we can accept hard copies of your artwork. Please mail any physical work to:
sample address

Please note that we are unable to send back any artwork recieved in the mail.

Need Help?

Feel free to send us an email at if you need any help at all submitting your artwork.

Accepted File Types

We can accept all file types, but certain formats are much faster and easier for us to process. Please note that Vector Images will produce much better results than Raster Images.

Preferred File Types:

Accepted File Type Examples:

Imprint Types

Screen Print

Ink is applied through a screen onto the item.

Laser Engraving

Image is laser etched into item.

Full Color

CMYK color is used to print your design onto your item.

Pad Print

Ink is transferred from a silicone pad onto the desired item.


Ink is transferred from a metal plate which has had the design incised into it.

Foil Stamp

Metallic foil is applied to an item in the form of your design.

Heat Transfer

Vinyl design is applied by heat to your item.


Design is imprinted into item using a metal die in the shape of your design.


Pieces of fabric are attached to a larger piece of fabric to form your design.


Fabric is decorated using a needle to apply thread in the form of your design.

Embossed Tin

Your design is stamped into tin to create a 3D relief of your design..

Helpful Info

Raster vs Vector Files

Raster files are images made up of pixels. While it may look crisp on your screen, when enlarged it is possible that the image will be blurry and pixelated.

Vector files contain coordinate information that allows the image to be scaled to any size. This is why Vector files are preferred for artwork submissions

Clear Image

Over Expanded Raster Image


If your file is not at least 300dpi at the size it will be printer, it is likely that the image will be blurry and pixelated. If you are unsure if your image is a high enough resolution please contact us after placing your order.


The bleed area surrounds the edges of your image. You will want to make sure that any background element is extended just past the end of the image to prevent empty space around the edge of the printed area.

Images taken from Websites

We do not recommend using images taken from websites. They are generally too low of a resolution to print satisfactorily. Many of these images are copyrighted and you may run into legal issues when using them. If you bought rights to the image from a stock photo site, that would be an exception to this guideline.